Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Photos of Gracie

New photos of Gracie... and a reminder what she USED to look like!!

This was her just four short months ago...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gracie's Story

Here is a video I put together of Gracie and her progress from July to October. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well we raised the money for the first training session to happen. Gracie is already getting along with some dogs which is a promising sign! Please watch my video blog below. She still has lengthy vet work, but LOYAL rescue has offered to foot the bills but would graciously (no pun intended) accept donations for Gracie and the latest puppy mill survivors form Quebec - I urge you to read their blog - and about the two large busts in Canada that happened. Horrifying stuff!! They really need the support and funds as they have been supporting financially BOTH my fosters (see Junior in the videos - he's a camera hog!). So $5 etc. goes a long way for rescues - I assure you!

Ode to Oliver aka Junior

Junior aka Oliver
Ode to Junior

So at the end of August I saw a dog in a cage at the pound where I volunteer. Generally I only focus on the special needs dogs, but I saw this dog, scared and something just clicked. Maybe it was because he looked so much like my own dog, but there was this remarkable charm this dog had from day one. Unfortunately, his nose was badly sunburned (yes dogs get sunburns!!) and his coat completely matted horribly. He was scared and alone! So we decided to help him out and he bounded with our Charlie right away, and hoped into bed right when we got him home.

We are hoping that an active family who enjoys affection and attention from such an exceptionally special dog will love Junior, aka Junebug aka Jube-Jube aka Jubey aka Jupiter aka Juniper.. you get the point. He's kind of been overshadowed by our resident drama pup Gracie, but he has done nothing but bring joy and happiness into our lives. He's not perfect, he hasn't got that dogs go potty outside not by the toliet and that you don't need to rearrange the furniture or unstuff a pillow everyday - but he's such a genuine soul. LOYAL rescue offered to pay for all his vetting from shots to neuter (

It's hard not to get attached but this guy is truly a special little man with a very gentle heart and a big soul to share with everyone!!! I hope which ever new family adopts him realize what a special, special, special, special, guy he is! Please enjoy the photos...!! *tear*

Junior the first day I met him. Most of his coat had to be cut off but its growing in nicely.

Junior and his best friend Charlie - they love each other so much except when Junior wears a cone. Then Charlie does not love Junior. So it's not unconditional love but it's pretty close. They really look like brothers but Junebug is much younger and a different mix then Charlie.

Junior being ridiculously cute as always, in the backyard. A nice time to lie down on the grass!

Junior after his neuter on Monday - the cone head! such a patient dog!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Gracie & Pumpkin Sale!!!

The Gracie & Pumpkin Sale

From Nicole and Dawn

(thanks so much to Marjorie for putting ths post
together for us!)

These are stories of hopes and dreams. Gracie is a charming and sweet
2 year old Shar-pei mix found as a stray in the worst possible
condition. Pumpkin is a cat found shot with a brutal arrow, a story
that shocked many of us.

I'll be brief, but here's the outline about both our fund raising
aims. Gracie has skin issues that have taken time and a lot of money
to heal, she needs vital remedial training to give her the confidence
to mix with other dogs before she takes that crucial step to the new
forever home waiting for her. Pumpkin needs help with medication and
surgery fees after his desperate injury.

Gracie needs $250 initially to engage a trainer to help plus anther
$200 to guarantee her the training to be able to walk out into the
world with her head held high - a totally confident young dog.

Pumpkin's needs are still being assessed but his operation costs and
medication will need to be met, to ensure he remains free from
infection after his amputation. A three legged cat can do just fine,
thank you!

Two among many, we know, but we can make a difference here. The following Etsy
sellers have offered items for sale to help both Pumpkin and Gracie.
Their generosity is overwhelming, and we are grateful. Please check
out the following sellers and items.

with a Harry Potter theme! for Pumpkin!!

LolaLynn for Pumpkin for Pumpkin

bluewhimsy for Pumpkin

DragonRags for Pumpkin

midnightrabbits for Pumpkin Gracie
50% of all other sales divided between Gracie and Pumpkin!

TheRustic Home
20% of all sales to Pumpkin

20% of all sales to Pumpkin

20% of all sales to Pumpkin

20% of all sales to Pumpkin

fashionsplatter for Gracie
100% of all other sales to Pumpkin

at least 50% of proceeds from all items to Pumpkin

curlymonkey for Pumpkin

Proceeds from all sales this week to Pumpkin!

Pink Bunny Designs
100% of the proceeds of this item will go to Pumpkin:
And 100% from this one will go to Gracie:

LateJuly for Pumpkin for Pumpkin for Pumpkin
100% of all other sales to Gracie

JMcGuinness for Gracie for Pumpkin


Read Pumpkin's story HERE:
Read Gracie's story HERE:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hi all,

I am having a sale for Gracie - to help raise funds for her full recovery. She is looking better but we are in need of hiring a trainer for her as she appears to have a fear of other dogs. If I can get this trainer (who will be her trainer for the rest of her life should she need any other therapy) Gracie will have a PERMANENT home to call her own for the rest of her very long life!!!

So... please check out my etsy store... Buy 2 get 1 free! All proceeds going towards Gracie!

Or check out the right hand corner and click donate! Gracie is still, yes, still at the shelter but I am working very hard to change that in the very near future. None of this would have been done without the support from the public and we both thank you! WOOF!

Least we forget the long road Gracie has had....

Her upon arrival July 30th, 2008