Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog and dog.. they rhyme!

So I'm trying this video blog thing, hopefully I explain things better..., enjoy the music and the footage today i took at the vets :) rhyme!

Here's the ONE photo Gracie let me take today. She's going into heat and is in no mood for the camera! I don't blame her...

Gracie Fundraiser

Hi ok, so Gracie went to the vet last week and used up the last of my funds for her.

Here's the situation, and it's one of the hardest ones I've had to deal with, with a dog. Gracie is pink all over, and itchies until she bleeds - so we had to put on a t-shirt and a cone on her. I can't express how much better she looks, but what a long road is ahead of her. And this dog is PATIENT! She deserves the dog of the year award. She is so uncomfortable, literally in her own skin, and I thank that to the sharpei in her (she even has a purple tongue)

We did a skin biopsy as the scrapings came back negative. The skin biopsy showed excessive amounts of yeast, allergies and a massive infection. Which would make sense because she got worse once she went off antibiotics.

I've set up another chipin. My goal is another $800 - don't ask me how I'm going to do this but I do need to do this. It's frustrating but I have to help. LOYAL rescue has been doing their part as well but they have 40 other dogs they are looking after too.

Ideally, she will need an expensive blood test to determine her allergies so all modifications can be made complete. There have even been one or two whispers of a possible home in Ontario for her - but she is not allowed going anywhere until she improves.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Twins

Here is our dog Charlie (the curly tailed one) and Junior aka Oliver, our foster, playing with a squirrel toy and wagging their tail.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gracie out from behind bars!!!

As everyone can see below, Gracie is doing great. Her skin isn't a whole lot better but it's getting there. See her before and after photo. She is still looking for a foster and/or an adoptive home; check it out:

Before... ....after!!!!

Big shout out to Kennel Inn Inc. who paid for a big chunk of Gracie's bills and have taken great care of her and to LOYAL rescue for footing the rest of the bills.

Also to Camille's Studio at for her lovely rosie pink collar!

Check out her freedom video, she's almost there, she needs a home to call her own!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Junior aka Oliver

I've been kind of M.I.A. lately. On Friday Jesse and I took in a terrier mix, from our local pound. Poor guy is so underweight and was so matted. We groomed him ourselves, and bathed him.

He loves our JRT-Shihtzu mix Charlie - he follows him around and plays second fiddle to him so to speak. They also look a like, so much so everyone has started calling Oliver, Junior!

LOYAL rescue has offered to pay for all his vetting (shots, HW test, neuter etc.) and will adopt him out through their program, which saves us a lot of work! I speak very highly of this rescue, they are the largest small dog rescue in Canada in my opinion, and they rescue across Canada the U.S. Check them out here:

Also you check Oliver's profile out here:

He is so sweet and intelligent. Very passive. He is so smart that he figured out how to use the remote control windows in my car!! He loves the wind in his face :) He goes to the vet today to try to brain storm how to put weight on him.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What is happening with Gracie?

I haven't blogged awhile in Gracie because there is not a whole lot to report.

Gracie is slowly progressing, but seems to have hit a plateau. Because we could neither confirm or prove what type of mange she had, she has to stay at the shelter until mid september when she receives her third mange treatment.

For those of you who are unaware (I sure was!) there are two types of mange, demodex and sarcoptic. Generally speaking, demodex is passed from mom to pup, and is not contagious to humans or animals. Sarcoptic mange is contagious to animals and humans (in humans it is called scabies, and causes a bad rash over your body). Sarcoptic mange is treatble but it takes about 30 to 60 days to clear up completely.

Only 20% of dogs who have mange test positive for it. That means the other 80% who have mange, still don't test positive. It's rather frustrating. Further to that two types of mange can exist on one dog.

Mange often comes out with a weakened immune system, that can be caused by stress and malnutrition to say the least.

So poor Gracie is waiting for her third mange treatment. She still doesn't have a forever home to call her own, and the sooner she finds one the sooner she can get comfortable and enjoy being a normal dog.

Please put out the word if you know of someone looking to spoil a young rescue dog, who is sweet, gentle, loves to give kisses and be by your side!

While the donations for her vetting have poured out... we're hoping that she will have just as good of luck finding a home to call her very own! She will be spayed before being adopted!

Please contact me if you have any ideas on how we can help promote Gracie to find a home. She's already on petfinder :)