Thursday, February 19, 2009

GIVE-A-WAY Give this Stray Cat A Name & Win!

Most of the dogs I photograph, and ALL of the cats are from a local pound and animal shelter called Kennel Inn Inc.
They get many, many, many cats in and its sometimes hard to come up with cute, attractive and original names to peak adopters interest! The mystery cat below is a stray, and has no name! Help him out! The winner will be chosen by the Kennel Inn Inc. staff and put up for adoption under that name as well as a mention on the cats petfinder page that the winner named the cat and why they chose that name.

Winner gets to choose a print of their choice or a set of postcards from my store as

-all entries must be received by February 24th - I may extend or shorten this
-no vulgar, crude, or offensive names
-you must reply with your answer by replying to this blog post, as well as be willing to sign up or have an etsy account to claim your prize (if you dont know etsy I will help you out)
-when you give your name, please give your reasons for picking that name, as well as what state/province you are from (just for interests sake!)
-one entry per person please

Here we go...


"Waz iz myz namez!? Tellz mez!!!"

Gender: Male
Color: Black & White
Age: Est. 5 years
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Personality: Loveable, Comedic, Affectionate
  • he is quite overweight
  • he does his exercises (twice a day) he stretches twice, and then roles around on the ground for a few minutes.
  • He acts a lot like a dog, strangely enough (and is almost the size of one!)
  • He scurries about after us during his exercise time and likes to have his belly rubbed
  • We all really love him and have him on a diet.
  • He’s very affectionate, loves other cats and has a girlfriend named Rosie who’s also overweight; she’s in the cage next to him and they sometimes do their exercises together
  • He really is one in a million

If you would like to donate any items towards the cats at Kennel Inn Inc. please contact them via their website

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update On Gracie

As promised, here is an update on Gracie:

First of all, a huge thank you from Gracie and I to you and Jesse both for your kindness, compassion, love and support. Also Gracie's life wouldn’t have been possible with out the help of Abbotsford Animal Hospital in Aurora.

As for Gracie's health, she is doing quite well. She still continues to struggle with her Pemphigus on her nose, around her eyes and a touch on her feet. We are currently treating it with a mild steroid cream. I find the best help for her face seems to be CONSTANT baths. Once and sometimes twice a week. This especially helps her face. We have bought boots for her to play in the snow with, which she loves to pieces, and her feet do not seem as chapped on the bottoms when she wears them. PLUS she just looks so darn cute in them. Gracie continues with her omega oils on her food every morning, along with Vitamin C and E and a benedryl in the morning. We have changed her food; she no longer eats vegetarian food, she is eating a higher protein kibble now. She also quit enjoys BREATH BUSTER cookies as a treat…we enjoy when she eats them too. J Further, she has gained 10 lbs since she came to live with us. She weighs in at a strapping 49 lbs, which is perfect for her frame.

Two weeks ago we noticed that she was shaking her head a lot and really crying over her ears. Darren and I took her to see Dr Jory again (her knight and shining armor) and he ran a few tests and found out that she had an E-Coli ear infection. Poor Gracie. We have been treating that with ear cleaner and a medication that is squirted into the canal. Gracie is NOT too happy about that. :)

Gracie still continues to be “unsocial” with the neighborhood dogs. We have managed to get her to stop barking at them when they walk by, but on walks she goes haywire. This is something Darren and I are going to have to invest some time and money into, to get her to at the very least appreciate other dogs. We also agree that it would be nice to be able to go on doggy play dates with friend's dogs.

Even though Gracie doesn’t like other dogs, I have faith in her ability to re-socialize as she does like Squirrels and birds, she watches them playing in the front bushes and running across the wires in total amazement. What a silly girl.

Gracie has learned to chase a ball (need I mention NON STOP, 24-7, even when she is supposed to be off in dream land) HA HA HA. She sits on command, stays very well, shakes a paw, waits to be invited on the couch to snuggle and stays on her “couch blanket”. She doesn’t beg, remains in the yard while out for play time and bathroom-ing, plays with her stuffed animal, and respects all things that are not hers.

Gracie had a 2 day sleep over at Grandma's house and my mom reported back that she was a little angel. I was a little worried she would break out on her face from stress, but she was looking tip top when I picker her up. My mom laughed as she told me that "Gracie is a high maintenance dog", I agree, but she is well worth the time and effort.

Many people say that Gracie is lucky to have us, but Darren and I both feel that we are truly the lucky ones. Gracie is the most courageous outgoing dog with the hugest love for life I have ever met. Her will to survive and enjoy life is outstanding.

I will keep the Gracie updates coming along with pics.

Again, my deepest & most heartfelt thanks to all that have helped Gracie; especially those who saw the diamond in the rough.


Jodi, Darren and Gracie


Winner Announced

The winnter is Name That Breed give-a-way is Silent Lotus Creations with her entry:

1) Selkirk Rex

2) Peterbald

3) California Spangle
Stay tuned more fun give-a-ways this week.
*Winners were chosen through a generator,

Friday, February 13, 2009

We're Giving It Away!!!

Yes that's right, super fun, give-a-way time!!! LJP is back with a vengeance dun dun dun....

Anyone can enter to win an original LJP print or postcards from my store Winner gets to choose their prize!

All you have to do is answer the following questions...

Requirements: Etsy Account & Blogger Account - That's All!
Bonus entries for my blog subscribers!!

How To Play:
• You must respond to this blog naming three cat breeds that are:
1) A cat breed that has curly hair
2) A cat Breed that has little or NO hair
3) A cat breed that has leopard print/spot likes on their coat

Breed names must be specific!
~~~I.e. American Wirehair Cat, Turkish Van etc.
• Colors are NOT considered a breed on their own.
~~~Example, Brown Tabby Cats (not a specific breed!)
• On the 20th I will pull a name from the hat to determine the winner.
• The prize will be listed as a reserved item with winners name in my Etsy Shop:
-please do not enter the contest if you are unwilling to create an Etsy account to claim your prize.
• Blog subscribers automatically earn 2 submissions into the contest ~ thanks for your support everyone!

Reason why I chose cat breeds...
I'm not a fan of purebred or breeders for obvious reasons BUT I do find cat breeds complex and fascinating. All too often cats are deemed as Domest Short Haired which erks me because there are cat breeds and while many are mixes I feel that people understand cats a bit more if they understand their heritage. We get a lot of Maine Coon's at the shelter that get mislabeled as Long Haired Tabbys, etc.

Yesterday I finally picked up a book on cats.. and I'm fascinated at the stunning varieties and backgrounds of cats around the world. So hence.. today's post and give-a-way. (Here's the book I picked up used for $5!)