Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ode to Oliver aka Junior

Junior aka Oliver
Ode to Junior

So at the end of August I saw a dog in a cage at the pound where I volunteer. Generally I only focus on the special needs dogs, but I saw this dog, scared and something just clicked. Maybe it was because he looked so much like my own dog, but there was this remarkable charm this dog had from day one. Unfortunately, his nose was badly sunburned (yes dogs get sunburns!!) and his coat completely matted horribly. He was scared and alone! So we decided to help him out and he bounded with our Charlie right away, and hoped into bed right when we got him home.

We are hoping that an active family who enjoys affection and attention from such an exceptionally special dog will love Junior, aka Junebug aka Jube-Jube aka Jubey aka Jupiter aka Juniper.. you get the point. He's kind of been overshadowed by our resident drama pup Gracie, but he has done nothing but bring joy and happiness into our lives. He's not perfect, he hasn't got that dogs go potty outside not by the toliet and that you don't need to rearrange the furniture or unstuff a pillow everyday - but he's such a genuine soul. LOYAL rescue offered to pay for all his vetting from shots to neuter (

It's hard not to get attached but this guy is truly a special little man with a very gentle heart and a big soul to share with everyone!!! I hope which ever new family adopts him realize what a special, special, special, special, guy he is! Please enjoy the photos...!! *tear*

Junior the first day I met him. Most of his coat had to be cut off but its growing in nicely.

Junior and his best friend Charlie - they love each other so much except when Junior wears a cone. Then Charlie does not love Junior. So it's not unconditional love but it's pretty close. They really look like brothers but Junebug is much younger and a different mix then Charlie.

Junior being ridiculously cute as always, in the backyard. A nice time to lie down on the grass!

Junior after his neuter on Monday - the cone head! such a patient dog!!!!