Friday, September 26, 2008

Gracie Fundraiser

Hi ok, so Gracie went to the vet last week and used up the last of my funds for her.

Here's the situation, and it's one of the hardest ones I've had to deal with, with a dog. Gracie is pink all over, and itchies until she bleeds - so we had to put on a t-shirt and a cone on her. I can't express how much better she looks, but what a long road is ahead of her. And this dog is PATIENT! She deserves the dog of the year award. She is so uncomfortable, literally in her own skin, and I thank that to the sharpei in her (she even has a purple tongue)

We did a skin biopsy as the scrapings came back negative. The skin biopsy showed excessive amounts of yeast, allergies and a massive infection. Which would make sense because she got worse once she went off antibiotics.

I've set up another chipin. My goal is another $800 - don't ask me how I'm going to do this but I do need to do this. It's frustrating but I have to help. LOYAL rescue has been doing their part as well but they have 40 other dogs they are looking after too.

Ideally, she will need an expensive blood test to determine her allergies so all modifications can be made complete. There have even been one or two whispers of a possible home in Ontario for her - but she is not allowed going anywhere until she improves.


Carrie said...

Oh dear, poor Gracie. At least they're getting closer to figuring out what is wrong with her. I put some suggestions for getting the word out about her in the comments section of one of your older posts. Go Gracie!

Carrie said...

I'm going to donate the little bit that I can, again.