Friday, September 5, 2008

What is happening with Gracie?

I haven't blogged awhile in Gracie because there is not a whole lot to report.

Gracie is slowly progressing, but seems to have hit a plateau. Because we could neither confirm or prove what type of mange she had, she has to stay at the shelter until mid september when she receives her third mange treatment.

For those of you who are unaware (I sure was!) there are two types of mange, demodex and sarcoptic. Generally speaking, demodex is passed from mom to pup, and is not contagious to humans or animals. Sarcoptic mange is contagious to animals and humans (in humans it is called scabies, and causes a bad rash over your body). Sarcoptic mange is treatble but it takes about 30 to 60 days to clear up completely.

Only 20% of dogs who have mange test positive for it. That means the other 80% who have mange, still don't test positive. It's rather frustrating. Further to that two types of mange can exist on one dog.

Mange often comes out with a weakened immune system, that can be caused by stress and malnutrition to say the least.

So poor Gracie is waiting for her third mange treatment. She still doesn't have a forever home to call her own, and the sooner she finds one the sooner she can get comfortable and enjoy being a normal dog.

Please put out the word if you know of someone looking to spoil a young rescue dog, who is sweet, gentle, loves to give kisses and be by your side!

While the donations for her vetting have poured out... we're hoping that she will have just as good of luck finding a home to call her very own! She will be spayed before being adopted!

Please contact me if you have any ideas on how we can help promote Gracie to find a home. She's already on petfinder :)


Crazy Happy said...

Hey Nicole,
I'm sorry Gracie hasn't improved as much as we could hope, I hope the third treatment helps kick the mange to the curb.
I have seen the Mississauga Humane society post courtesy listings on their website, might be worth a shot! I'll let you know if I can think of other places that could post her!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I will be in Rochester NY in a few weeks and will put the word out. I really hope the third treatment is a success!


Carrie said...

Hi here are some ideas about getting the word out: she is very popular, and her weekly? newsletter always lists adoptable animals at the bottom. It seems like she'd be open to Canada, too!

Do you have a myspace or facebook account? Posting about her there could really help? Oh, and flickr, they have groups for adoptable animals.

I hope these help. Let me know if I can help out posting, too! If I think of others, I'll be sure and let you know.