Friday, February 13, 2009

We're Giving It Away!!!

Yes that's right, super fun, give-a-way time!!! LJP is back with a vengeance dun dun dun....

Anyone can enter to win an original LJP print or postcards from my store Winner gets to choose their prize!

All you have to do is answer the following questions...

Requirements: Etsy Account & Blogger Account - That's All!
Bonus entries for my blog subscribers!!

How To Play:
• You must respond to this blog naming three cat breeds that are:
1) A cat breed that has curly hair
2) A cat Breed that has little or NO hair
3) A cat breed that has leopard print/spot likes on their coat

Breed names must be specific!
~~~I.e. American Wirehair Cat, Turkish Van etc.
• Colors are NOT considered a breed on their own.
~~~Example, Brown Tabby Cats (not a specific breed!)
• On the 20th I will pull a name from the hat to determine the winner.
• The prize will be listed as a reserved item with winners name in my Etsy Shop:
-please do not enter the contest if you are unwilling to create an Etsy account to claim your prize.
• Blog subscribers automatically earn 2 submissions into the contest ~ thanks for your support everyone!

Reason why I chose cat breeds...
I'm not a fan of purebred or breeders for obvious reasons BUT I do find cat breeds complex and fascinating. All too often cats are deemed as Domest Short Haired which erks me because there are cat breeds and while many are mixes I feel that people understand cats a bit more if they understand their heritage. We get a lot of Maine Coon's at the shelter that get mislabeled as Long Haired Tabbys, etc.

Yesterday I finally picked up a book on cats.. and I'm fascinated at the stunning varieties and backgrounds of cats around the world. So hence.. today's post and give-a-way. (Here's the book I picked up used for $5!)


Emma's K9 Kitchen said...

1) Cornish Rex
2) Sphynx
3) Bengal

Great giveaway! :)

Vegan Mama said...

1) A cat breed that has curly hair - My devon Rex has curly hair
2) A cat Breed that has little or NO hair - Donskoy
3) A cat breed that has leopard print/spot likes on their coat - Savanah Cat


LateJulyStrayDogs said...

Great answers :) Spot on!

Meghann said...

1. American Wirehair
2. Sphynx

Annette F. Tait said...

Gosh!! well, according to my trusty book 'The ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds' (yes, really - lovely pics!)

1 - curly hair - Cornish Rex

2 - little or no hair - Sphynx

3 - leopard like spots - the Savannah - cross of a serval and a domestic cat! (and the Egyptian Mau)

great competition! thank you

and I hope Gracie is healthy and well!!

kind regards, Annette

LateJulyStrayDogs said...

THanks! Gracie is alive and well in her new loving home. I will post about that after the contest :)

silentlotuscreations said...

1) Selkirk Rex

2) Peterbald

3) California Spangle

Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Nicole,
I like the ca t breed idea - its a bit more of a challenge for some of us! Thankfully I have my trusty Cat Encyclopedia. I'll try to find some new answers.
1. La Perm (according to my book was recognized as a breed by the T.I.C.A. in 1996 - not sure when your book was published)
2. Sphynx is the best I can come up with although the book references Mexican hairless cats I don't know if the still exist
3. Ocicat - officially recognized in 1986

Thanks Nicole, I learned something!

Jessica said...

1. LaPerm
2. Sphynx
3. Egyptian Mau

Shelly Smith said...

Well said..!!!!!!!

Shelly Smith..

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Cat Bath