Thursday, February 19, 2009

GIVE-A-WAY Give this Stray Cat A Name & Win!

Most of the dogs I photograph, and ALL of the cats are from a local pound and animal shelter called Kennel Inn Inc.
They get many, many, many cats in and its sometimes hard to come up with cute, attractive and original names to peak adopters interest! The mystery cat below is a stray, and has no name! Help him out! The winner will be chosen by the Kennel Inn Inc. staff and put up for adoption under that name as well as a mention on the cats petfinder page that the winner named the cat and why they chose that name.

Winner gets to choose a print of their choice or a set of postcards from my store as

-all entries must be received by February 24th - I may extend or shorten this
-no vulgar, crude, or offensive names
-you must reply with your answer by replying to this blog post, as well as be willing to sign up or have an etsy account to claim your prize (if you dont know etsy I will help you out)
-when you give your name, please give your reasons for picking that name, as well as what state/province you are from (just for interests sake!)
-one entry per person please

Here we go...


"Waz iz myz namez!? Tellz mez!!!"

Gender: Male
Color: Black & White
Age: Est. 5 years
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Personality: Loveable, Comedic, Affectionate
  • he is quite overweight
  • he does his exercises (twice a day) he stretches twice, and then roles around on the ground for a few minutes.
  • He acts a lot like a dog, strangely enough (and is almost the size of one!)
  • He scurries about after us during his exercise time and likes to have his belly rubbed
  • We all really love him and have him on a diet.
  • He’s very affectionate, loves other cats and has a girlfriend named Rosie who’s also overweight; she’s in the cage next to him and they sometimes do their exercises together
  • He really is one in a million

If you would like to donate any items towards the cats at Kennel Inn Inc. please contact them via their website


Anonymous said...

reason: he looks like a commanding figure, very handsome and proud.
location: Hawaii

Annette F. Tait said...

I believe he is an 'Arkasha'

Arkasha is regal with a strong presence.
He is more than just handsome - he exudes extraordinary beauty, not unlike an exquisite faberge egg.
This Russian name is perfect for him, with his unusual markings, calm penetrating stare and large but graceful build.
Someone will be very lucky when Rosie and Arkasha come to live happily ever after in their new forever palace - um, I, er, meant home.

Jennifer said...

I'm going to suggest Fiero because his nose reminds me of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz (if I only had a brain :-) and that was his name in Wicked. It also sounds like the name of someone with a girlfriend named Rosie.
This entry comes to you from Ontario!

LateJulyStrayDogs said...

These are all great. Fiero by the way means "proud" in Italian and a bunch of other things in Spanish!! LOL

AndreaW said...

Name: Roscoe

Not only is it a cute name - it's a "Fatty" name and I think "Roscoe and Rosie" is pretty adorable

elaine said...

I have actually always loved this name for a dog or cat since I saw Miami Vice (as in...Detective Ricardo Tubbs)- especially since there is "a little more" of this sweet kitty to, Tubbs would be very fitting!

Rebecca Hitchens said...

Handel - like the composer.
Originally looking at him in one of the pictures, he looks like he has a big white handlebar mustache that stretches out along his cheeks.
But calling him Handle - well... it could be mistaken for love handles, and that's not so flattering!
So I chose Handel, because he composed beautiful musical pieces and was (from what I've read) a very handsome and proud man with a charitable nature and did what he wanted when he wanted (much like a cat - he was very independant).
This beautiful boy also looks like he's wearing a bit of a tuxedo - like a orchestral conductor ;)

Loganberry said...

Maybe you're on to something, Rebecca! Thinking along those lines, he could also be named Pavarotti. He's happy, loveable, and a bit on the tubby side. And he does have the black and white tux-like colors. If you can get him to meow along to opera, then you've got something! =)

mvegan said...
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mvegan said...
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