Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bonnie Update: Wanna guess her breed?

Well I've been visiting Bonnie as frequently as possible, visiting with some treats both supplements and things for her to enjoy.

She's kenneled 24 hours a day right now because of where she is and her condition. She couldn't be happier about it! She's got a soft bed, lots of food and water, and a lot of people speaking kind words to her. She even has the whole area to herself. She feels like a Princess. She's very calm, happy to greet people, though a little weary of people's reaction to her, well for lack of better word, gruesome appearance.

She's almost completely bald from the mange and the antibiotics she's on. Come next week she'll make another trip to the vet, and continue her healing process. Even though she looks worse, she is feeling better, safe and secure in her little "condo" at the pound right now. Once the vet can pin down the type of mange, we can continue the treatment from there.

You can see her video below, chewing on her dentabone, play bowing/stretching as she eats it. Can you believe this girl is only around 3 years old? Maybe even younger!

I would love to hear anyone's guess on her breed! She's a petite girl, around 34 lbs


Cynthia said...

Hi, I am a volunteer with LOYAL where I have read about Bonnie... Poor girl, your an angel for helping her out...

My guess on her breed is Sharpei, with maybe a bit of pitty in her.... But Sharpei for sure, and also I believe Sharpei's are prone to skin conditions....

Take Care,