Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well an old friend of mine has a very handsome senior Boston Terrier named Luke aka Lukers. Luke is a diva dog, which means he means business when he strikes a pose! He was originally bought from a breeder and when they went to neuter him, it turned out he was a boy on the outside and a girl on the inside. Quite unusual, they asked the breeder, who said they could exchange Luke for a new dog. Realizing that Luke was not a car to be traded in they kept him, and have continued to love and nourish his loving diva personality! Here are some pics from the shoot:


Ultratrixie is Sweetwolf.etsy.com said...

That is one cute pup! You do a wonderful job photographing these animals! you seem to capture their personality. I have never heard of a hermaphrodite dog before, that's kinda cool!

Nicole said...

thanks ultratrixie!! neither have I, luke is special :)