Monday, August 18, 2008

Dump a senior and sick dog year in York Region

As some of you know, last year was the year of the Chained Dog. I founded Unchain Ontario's Dogs as an awareness group and we were able to nudge some laws in not being so favorable of allowing permanent neglectful chaining.

This year has been Dump A Sick Senior Year. People who dump dieing dogs should be heavily fined in my opinion. Also, I do believe that this wouldn't be such a problem if there was somewhere for low income families to go when their companion animal is facing serious illness. Never the less there are resources out there, I know because I've researched. I'd like to pay tribute (and thank you to the rescues) to the Seniors that were dumped, many completely blind, deaf, matted, and suffering from degenerative disease.

Westminster Pet Sanctuary - located near Ottawa, ON helped me big time with a senior American Eskimo named Pierre Elliott. Completely blind and mildly arthritic Pierre was at the shelter with no hope. Estimated at 13 years, his coat was heavily matted. With an emergency transport from Toronto to Ottawa, Pierre ended up in the loving arms. He lived a couple good months, until passing away from a tumor on his heart. He died very much loved and I am very thankful that he got to live out his days cherished.

Adopt-A-Dog-Save-A-Life in Toronto helped me out of a pinch with Layla who arrived not long before Pierre did. Layla is a senior Cocker Spaniel, who was also blind, suffering from terrible ear infections, and a swollen liver among other things. I was so fortunate to find a foster mom through this rescue to get her into a home. She's still alive and well acting like a puppy and receiving top notch care.

Mississauga Humane Society helped us out with a Chow mix girl who came in with logging chains around her neck, some vision issues and arthritic. Wosely aka Willa was quite soar, but MHS took her into their private foster homes and she was adopted out!

Southern Ontario Sheltie Rescue (SOS Rescue) helped me out just this week with a senior sheltie who needed a rescue. He has a lump on his side and his family did not want him anymore because he was too old.

Now I'm not the one to keep a deathly sick animal alive for my own selfishness, but many of these dogs still have time and love to give and receive. Call me old fashioned, but these sweet animals seem like they have given their life love and companionship and in return they get dumped on the side of a road.

Certainly an animal has more rights then, my desk lamp?