Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie...!`

Well... where is the Dr.House of veterinary medicine when you need him?

Bonnie's 6 skin scrapings came back negative, as did her DNA mange test which is supposed to be definitive. They say its likely bad skin allergies which can happen but I still think its demodex mange, everything fits. So she continues the way that she's on... she is STILL at the pound, likely curled in a ball in her snug bed. She likes stuffed toys as well!

I was hoping this would be an easy "she has mange, take this, she'll get better" case but no I'm not so sure. So begins the battle of the raw verses cooked food, what she should eat, eat out of (ceramic bowls), what she should wear, shouldn't wear.. it goes on and on!

I'm sitting here now with four of her videos open playing at once, from the first day she came in until today, looking at the progression of everything. She's such a cutie pie. We renamed her Gracie, because she was saved by the "grace of God".

When she came in she was sent to be euthanized immediately, she looked like a very old dog who had been decaying - like a zombie dog sort of. So the legend goes, the vet raised his hand and said "this dog has mange! it can be cured!" and sent her to her "hotel suite" at the pound where I've been visiting her ever since. If it wasn't for the possibility of private rescues I wouldn't be able to help her. But by the grace of the whole situation she's going to be ok.

And guess what? she's not a zombie! She's only two years old with lots of life and love to give!! Yay Bonnie!! See her photo progression below:

Week 1 - The first day I met Bonnie... she made me cry! I didn't know how to react but she wagged her tail and let me know everything was cool.

Week 2 - Bonnie's going bald and raw. I discover this week Bonnie loves soft denta chew bones and soft beds. You can say she's a softie. Still not allowed to touch because she's in quarantine. But gawsh darn she's cute. A little depressed no tail wags this week, she's not sure what the plans are for her.

Week 3 - Bonnie got to see the vet again do some tests, and go for a car ride! she loved it! everytime she saw a cat or dog she whined and whimpered. She charmed the vets office and was a very patient good girl. Now she sits and waits for the full results of the tests... she just wants to be loved! She also finds out this week the love and support pouring out from all over North America, places she's never even HEARD of. wow! She's feeling loved. Everyone has started calling her Gracie, a special collar and tag have been made to order and will arrive soon. Things are looking up for miss Gracie!! Video from today August 19th below.. set me free she says!! i want to be loved!!! All these pictures makes me think of Elliott Smith's songs "between the bars" but not much longer :)


Anonymous said...

Nicole, thank you for looking after this sweet dog. Will Bonnie have a home after she is cured?

Nicole said...

Hopefully, we can find someone to adopt her and love her like a princess. We can not adopt another a dog right now, but hopefully an amazing home will come along for Bonnie :)

Anonymous said...

Where is she located? I can put out feelers if needed.

Please also feel free to contact me via email which is on the contact page of my blog.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Darn, I live in Atlanta, I was even thinking of adopting her myself if she was available. But my hometown is in western NY so I will put the word out.


Anonymous said...

So begins the battle of the raw verses cooked food...

That's a debate that'll go on for a looong time. I'm a recent convert to raw food. My cat had an incurable case of dandruff and a very dull coat. I switched her to raw, and within two weeks, her dandruff had disappeared, and her coat was smooth and shiny. Honest!

I'm not actually convinced that dog food has to be raw, but I do think that whole, natural foods are better than highly processed ones (like kibble). Meal-in-a-can shakes like Boost and Ensure promise complete nutrition for people, but no one would ever recommend that they should make up the main part of your diet. Dieticians always recommend fresh, whole foods--why wouldn't the same be true for dogs and cats?

Check out Maggie's story here for how a raw diet helped a dog that severe skins problems: http://www.tolldenfarms.ca/testimonials.htm

I had a little mixed-breed who suffered from itchy ears his whole life. He once scratched them so much that they swelled up like balloons, and he had to have surgery. The vet suspected mites, but could never confirm that diagnosis. If I could do it over again (he died of hemangiosarcoma a couple of years ago), I'd put him on raw and see if that helped.